How can eCommerce Work for You?

We all know there’s money to be made through the Internet. From the Silicon Valley tech giants such as Facebook and Google, to the retail super marketplace Amazon, these days there seems to be an endless trove of capital pouring both into and out of a variety of Internet-based businesses. But one does not necessarily need to be a software engineer, or even particularly tech savvy, to take advantage of the multitude of market opportunities today’s world wide web can provide.

On a smaller scale, there are various niches and specialist independent enterprises run through user based online marketplaces such as Etsy and Ebay. As well, startups looking for capital have a whole new series of tools for connecting with potential financial backers at their fingertips thanks to crowd funding platforms like Kickstarter and GoFundMe. Here we will take a look at how virtually any entrepreneur who keeps an ear out for the latest eCommerce news can utilize the Internet to help their growing business.

One point that cannot be overstated when talking about ecommerce is its breadth of application – even the most terrestrial of businesses stands to gain from a sound eCommerce strategy. From a local plumber or construction firm, to inventors and artists, even if the product you’re selling or service you’re providing is in itself totally unrelated to tech or the Internet, there is still in all likelihood a way you could be improving your business’s outreach, image, or functionality through online means. Placing some ads on social media outlets is an obvious way to get your name out there, but, as of recent years, ever more ambitious marketing strategies have come to light as a means of reaching your demographic.

Several filmmakers and video game studios have made use of sprawling puzzles known as ARGs (Alternate Reality Games) to hype their upcoming releases – these are multimedia games that often span various websites and social platforms, usually necessitating the coordination of many players to complete. Followers of the latest eCommerce news will no doubt be aware that the dawn of the viral video has also allowed for unprecedented marketing possibilities, to where an astute instance of product placement can generate tens of millions of views – and likely for a fraction of the cost of placing traditional ads.

Online marketplaces and crowd funding platforms are two more ways a forward thinking startup can punch above its weight. For many small retailers, the use of an online marketplace can provide an array of advantages over a regular brick and mortar store; not having to rent, power, and generally maintain a physical space means that overhead is greatly reduced. As well, a well-crafted online shop can provide visibility to thousands of customers for little or no cost. This type of approach is very useful for those wanting to simply market and sell a shippable product.

However, for someone aspiring to bring something less tangible to market, crowd funding options may be an attractive option for getting your idea off the ground. As of late, a growing number of artistic projects have gotten their chance to see fruition thanks to these services in which anyone can give money towards your goals and thus become an investor in your enterprise. These platforms are useful as a means of advertising as well, as projects which garner more interest inevitably lead to further page views on the funding platform itself. One final advantage to crowd funding is a direct line of communication to your clientele, allowing you detailed and timely feedback from the consumers so that you can accurately shape your product or service to best fit their needs. For more info on the hottest trends in eCommerce, keep yourself up to date with Genius eCommerce!

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