Why Your Marketing Plan Matters

At the heart of any Internet business lies their product. A great product is the difference between success and failure for your new endeavor but there is another factor that will greatly determine how well you do. Your eCommerce advertising strategy is absolutely critical to your business’ success. There are several different ways you can go about creating a successful plan that will turn cold leads into paying customers and will get your product in front of those who will want it the most.

The first step in developing an eCommerce advertising strategy is to identify who the ideal customer is. What do they do for a living? Are they male or female? What are their hobbies? Are they politically active? Answer these questions to generate a profile of whom you are attempting to reach. Next, in a strategy labeled content marketing, take your ideal customer and create content just for them. A great way to reach these potential customers is in the form of blog posts. Blog posts can be written to help search engine users identify your company. Suppose you sell women’s clothing. When your potential customer searches Google for “spring dress,” you want her to arrive at your website where she can browse through what you offer and make her purchase. Creating content that she relates to is likely to get her attention and keep her on your website long enough to arouse her curiosity and get her to view your selection. Posts in the form of photos, list articles, how-to’s, and other anecdotes work well in this style of marketing.

Will you be using email to reach your potential leads? Choose an email marketing platform and capture customer emails by offering a discount in exchange. Now you are able to reach them at will and you can use this to market specifically to them. Modern email marketing platforms can separate your list into groups that can target only the specific people you want to see your message and they can even A/B test emails to determine which of your potential drafts will perform the best. Use email marketing to capture your leads and turn them into customers.

Another popular eCommerce advertising strategy is to use social media to reach new and old leads. Choose the right platforms based on your customers use. Older adults tend to prefer Facebook while young teens are more likely to use newer platforms like Snapchat. Figure out where your customers are online and reach them there. Grow your accounts and your following by posting frequently and keep your people interested by making sure you have fresh and varied content. If you have chosen Instagram as your primary platform, post well-lit professionally photographed shots of your products and how people use and enjoy them and be sure to direct people to your store’s link in your profile. Reach new people by taking advantage of Instagram’s highly adaptive ad targeting system where you can select exactly who will be seeing these posts.

But above all, any marketing strategy you choose should serve your customers first and ensure that they are getting the right information and a convincing pitch. After all, your business aims to provide people with something they will love and enjoy, or something quality that they will need. An eCommerce marketing professional can help you achieve your marketing goals so that your business can find greater success. At Genius eCommerce, we have the information you need to help develop a plan that is right for you. We cut to the core of what each business needs and help to deliver the right information that will lead them on the path to success.

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