A Multi-Prong Approach to eCommerce

It is no secret that more and more entrepreneurs are exploring their options these days when it comes to eCommerce. In an age when anyone with an idea can create a website and begin selling their products or services in a matter of minutes, the competition is fierce and a ton of creativity is needed to keep up the pace and to reach your potential customers in a meaningful way. It can seem like new social platforms pop up every day and online shoppers are notoriously fickle in their loyalties to online brands. A great eCommerce business relies on an outstanding eCommerce marketing strategy to reach potential customers in a meaningful way and turn them from strangers and passersby into loyal customers who truly benefit from what your business has to offer. So how do you go about planning your eCommerce marketing strategy? Should you focus on one particular area or cover the most ground you can?

The best approach is a multi-prong plan that covers a few key areas. For most businesses that sell a tangible product that will be shipped to a customer, there are some tried and true methods of gaining new customers and keeping existing ones. The first way is the use of social media. Now, anyone is free to make an account and start posting on any platform of their choosing but professionals know there needs be a strong strategy in place to turn that into sales. Consider the kind of business you have and then select which platforms you want to focus on. While you should have at least a presence on as many as possible, certain businesses cater more towards certain platforms. If your product is aimed at a younger audience in their teens or twenties, Snapchat has become a very popular platform for reaching young people. If your product is very visually exciting, an Instagram campaign that shows off your product in its best light while reinforcing your brand’s mission and may take your sales through the roof, as we have seen many times over the past few years. And if your product is less flashy but more rooted in thought and the written word, consider a more text-based platform such as Twitter to reach your audience. Social media can be a powerful tool, but only if it is wielded the right way.

Email marketing as well has proven to be an extremely effective way to reach customers of all ages. Sending out timely emails directly to the inboxes of those who have signed up to receive them reinforces your brand. Give your customers an incentive to join your email list such as a discount and watch them become repeat and loyal customers.

Use an SEO campaign to target the keywords you want to rank for when potential customers search for a product you have. Being discovered via Google is one of the most powerful ways you can bring business to your website and be found by curious visitors.

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