Genius eCommerce For Your Business

Connecting your business with the customers you need in order to grow is an essential part of any new endeavor. Nowhere is this more important than in the digital space. In 2018, online retailers know that the web is flooded with thousands of small businesses all competing for the same corner of the Internet and having a proper eCommerce marketing strategy can be the make-or-break factor for your business.

An eCommerce marketing strategy can take many forms, but, by focusing on a few crucial points, it is possible to narrow down what your business needs the most and how you can use marketing to achieve your goals. The first approach is to specialize your marketing. Make sure your company’s message is hitting the target with the customers you want the most. Picture your ideal customer. Who are they? What are their interests? How old are they? Are they male or female? What is their income like? What do they do on the weekend? Any business owner should be able to answer these questions without thinking about it. Once your ideal customer is identified, the next step is to find branding that appeals to them. How does your brand stand out in a sea of competition? Be creative and come up with something unique and memorable. The best brands tend to transform their industries. They lead the way with a creative vision that takes risks while still appealing to the customer they want. Entice your potential buyer with something new and different and make your product irresistible.

The next tip is to personalize the experience of your site and brand. In every step of the purchasing decision, make the experience of buying with you a highly enjoyable one. Even if your business is small or just starting out, there are tools available to make your dealings easier and more intuitive for the customer. Does your website function properly? Does it look professional? Make sure that your brand guidelines follow through from their first experience all the way to the checkout.

You may also want to explore how you can use customer-sourced content in promoting your brand. Encourage online discussion of your products or services and find a way for your customers to interact with you. Hashtag contests and promotions are popular on platforms like Twitter and Instagram and you can leverage these to spread awareness like wildfire.

Be sure that you are available and fully ready across all platforms. Essentially, be there when your customer is looking for you. Ensure that your product is found on all the popular retail sites, not just your own and that the experience is a smooth one. Get your products in the online retail stores that make sense for your company. Consider how your customer will find you when searching Google for a product you carry. SEO is a crucial part of how businesses are discovered.

Do not ignore your mobile design either. In 2018, more Internet usage is done on mobile devices than on desktops or laptops. Customers are scrolling through their phones day in and day out and it is important to reach them when they are swiping. Is your website optimized for mobile? Are you secure and safe? Will your website load properly on all common devices? Be sure your customers can access you from anywhere, anytime!

Ultimately, a successful eCommerce marketing strategy combines elements from across the web to come together. A final way to think about your plan is to consider your competition. Are there things your competition is doing better than you in terms of marketing? How can you eliminate their advantage and make your weaknesses into strengths? At Genius eCommerce, we help answer those questions you have to help your business become a leading brand within your industry.

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